Lenovo Legion Duel

Werdet ihr das Lenovo Legion Duel ins Sortiment aufnehmen?
Arturo91posted in Lenovo 26 days agolast Activity 12 days ago11
posted in Lenovo 26 days agolast Activity 12 days ago11
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Könntest du uns bitte angeben, welches Modell du dir genau wünschst? :)
David Limposted 20 days ago
posted 20 days ago
Die rote Version ob 256GB 12GB RAM oder 512GB 16GB RAM ist egal, welches ihr auch auftreiben könnten.

Falls nicht wäre ich auch am:

Nuiba Red Magic 5s in rot/blau

Oder dem Xiaomi Black Shark 3 pro in schwarz intessert.

Jeweils vonn allen Phones wäre die stärksen Varianten am interessantesten für mich.
Arturo91posted 19 days ago
posted 19 days ago
I'd like the blue one of Lenovo Legion Duel - 16GB RAM + 512GB storage or the black one of Xiaomi Black Shark 3 PRO - 12GB RAM + 512GB storage. Please let me know ASAP if you are going to have those for sale or do i have to start looking elsewhere to buy any of those.
grawerposted 15 days ago
posted 15 days ago
Hey they write me an e-mail and will not sell the legion and also not the Blackshark.... :(
Arturo91posted 15 days ago
posted 15 days ago
Ofc. I might also consider buying Asus ROG phone 3 16GB RAM + 512GB storage, since i've had ROG 1 and 2 alrdy. But Digitec was not able to repair any of those so i thought ill try out something new instead.
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grawerposted 15 days ago
posted 15 days ago
Ok the ROG phone is not to my liking. What are your experiences with it? I do not understand why the Legion Duel does not come to CH .. I read on news sites that it is coming to Switzerland. Digitec also has many Lenovo products. The design with 2 batteries, etc. would be very interesting
Arturo91posted 14 days ago
posted 14 days ago
ROG 1 had terrible fall damage resistance, it felt from up to 1m high and the back of it cracked... twice:D (i had 2 ROG ones). ROG 2 was fine until after 1 year of use the bottom usb type C port just stopped working... but as i found out, it's a common problem. Every time digitec newly replaced the device or fully refunded it, so i guess any, even the slightest issue is not repairable due to the lack of spare parts, considering these phones are realy rare.
My guess it is the reason we are not getting Lenovo Legion Duel nor the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro... what a pity.
I remember we had to wait quite a while until digitec started selling ROG phones. It took a lot of requests from the whole mobile gaming community to achieve that. But ROG phone had much hype and legion duel for some reason does not, which is a shame since it realy is a very special peace of tech. I'm sure if people even knew about it, they would buy it for sure.
grawerposted 14 days ago
posted 14 days ago
I've just called Digitec n they told me they wont be sellin the xiaomi black shark 3 pro but they are not sure about the lenovo legion duel yet... so there is still hope! :) told me to wait, but patience is my worst enemy ;D
grawerposted 13 days ago
posted 13 days ago
I've contacted Lenovo Switzerland and got info that Legion Duel will be sold in Switzerland in the middle of December or at least till the end of this year. So i will wait for sure.
grawerposted 12 days ago
posted 12 days ago
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