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  • T42 Triple (4 km)
  • T42 Triple (4 km)
CHF 45.90
Motorola T42 Triple (4 km)

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User gandalf81

My kids received these for Christmas. We were playing with these in the In the Burbaglio play ground in Locarno and at one point we started hearing other people talking on the same channel so we asked where they were, they responded Cardada (mountain near by @ 1200mt, locarno is around 200mt). I asked if they also had the set of walkie talkies from motorolla green, blue, orange and they asked "do you see us""? No, we have the same ones was our answer... Today I tried them in the city and was able to talk from the public library in the old town of Locarno to the Aldi in Locarno, according to google 550mt walking, depending on where we were we had a slight interference when near a building but when we crossed the stree and went farther away it became crisp and clear again. For the money I dont think you can find better!!! Great over all item and and our kids really love them, us not so much because now they take them where ever they go. I dont know about other revies talking negatively about them not going far, I was also able to go in an underpass with the road passing over me and still hear everything lice and clear over 100mt, maybe it was a defective item or there was a lot of interference in that area. I strongly recommend these. WIll keep you posted on future use.

I will add we live in a 3 story, 12 apartment building from the 1500-1600 with thick walls and they work well all through the house, even from ground floor up, from one apartment to the other.

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