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2720 Flip (4 GB, Red, 2.80 ", Dual SIM, 2 Mpx, 4G)
Nokia 2720 Flip (4 GB, Red, 2.80 ", Dual SIM, 2 Mpx, 4G)

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Shortcut numbers do not work

The idea is great but realization is poor.
This phone mainly addresses need of very simple use possibly for elderly, not used to smartphones.
The SOS call with lateral button requires a complicate sequence to activate automatic
call to set emergency numbers.
Addditionally the shortcut calls so useful are available, but a bug in the SW does crash the configuration once you try to associate a phone number to e.g. button 3.

Not good enough for a Nokia on a 20 years old technology.


  • Good quality of design and material


  • Not engineered for elderly
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