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  • mydlink Connected Home Hub
  • mydlink Connected Home Hub
CHF 62.60
D-Link mydlink Connected Home Hub



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User guglielmo.braguglia
mydlink Connected Home Hub

Connect your "mydlink Home" sensors, but ... nothing more.

The basic installation is quite simple through the "App" on your mobile device. It's quite easy to connect it to the "mydlink Home" series sensors (... some, like Smoke Sensors, are quite difficult to connect), but ... absolutely no information of how to configure the built-in WiFi ! It is always active and can not be disabled, you can not change SSID, you can not change the password and there are no options to configure ... with the resulting obvious security issues.
As with all "mydlink Home" products, there is no a technical or useful user manual, just a totally useless brochure.
In any case, you are obliged to have it to use the "Z-Wave" sensors.

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