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AJ2000/12 Radiowecker
CHF 50.-minus 20% mit Gutscheincode
Philips AJ2000/12 Radiowecker

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3 beantwortete Fragen zu Philips AJ2000/12 Radiowecker

User MGS16

Ist dieser Radiowecker DAB+ tauglich?

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User nbfsh579
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Nein, der hat nur eine UKW-Antenne.

User 123xux123

Hello, the reference says AJ2000, the external link points to the AJ7010 and the picture shows the AJ7010. What product is this ?

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User linusmetzler
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With this kind of problem you're probably better off contacting Digitec Galaxus directly as the community can't give you a conclusive answer. See digitec.ch/en/Information/C... for contact details.

(Telling from experience though, I'd say the product you'd get by buying this, is the AJ2000 since digitec every now and then has problems getting the images and links right, yet the product name is correct.)