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Q Marshal (45mm, Edelstahl, Edelstahl)
CHF 169.–
Fossil Q Marshal (45mm, Edelstahl, Edelstahl)

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8 beantwortete Fragen zu Fossil Q Marshal (45mm, Edelstahl, Edelstahl)

User Studio2SC

Bonjour,Pouvez vous me confirmer la circonférence maximale du bracelet. Jai un poignet qui fait une circonférence de 22cm et je ne souhaiterai pas à avoir à retourner le produit car trop petit. Merci.

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User Loïc Mayanga
Akzeptierte Antwort

Selon les informations que nous avons reçues, cela ne devrait pas poser de problème.

User sonaljadhao

Does it work with iPhone ?

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User meierhoferit
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Hi. Depends on the iOs Version of your iPhone. In the german description are more informations, I try to translate: The Fossil Q Marshal is operaded with Android Wear 2.0 and works with Smartphones with Operating system Android 4.3+ or iOs 9+. Functions may vary on different platforms.
This means that it works with iOs Version 9 or higher and under "externe Links" is a link to the iOs-app in the AppleStore.