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Televisions and Senders

Currently there are no senders in Ultra HD. Recently there was talk of transmitting a football match but, this also fell through. If you are buying a television today, for just viewing television programs as am sure most households do, then why spend on Ultra HD or specific technologies like OLED from LG? It is unlikely that we will have transmission, at least for another year in Ultra HD. 3D is still very much in the future. Can anyone advise.

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vor 3 Jahren

IMO, 3D is not in the future, it's pretty much dead. Perhaps there might be a revival, but until now it has never been more than a hype.
To the UHD-TV: According to this webpage (http://www.uhd-forum.ch/fernsehen/satellit.html)[German] there are no UHD TV-channels availabe over cable, only some few over satellite (mostly test channels), and I think this isn't going to change soon because TV stations need to invest a lot of money for equipment to produce and broadcast in UHD. This was one of the reasons why it took them so long to upgrade from SD to HD some years ago.

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