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PF1000U (DLP, Full HD, 0.29 :1, 1000lm, USB-Media/Office-Player)
CHF 1'069.–
LG PF1000U (DLP, Full HD, 0.29 :1, 1000lm, USB-Media/Office-Player)

Bewertung zu LG PF1000U (DLP, Full HD, 0.29 :1, 1000lm, USB-Media/Office-Player).

User jakobprogs
PF1000U (DLP, Full HD, 0.29 :1, 1000lm, USB-Media/Office-Player)

Works as expected and for me a price worth paying for easier placement

I mainly purchased this to avoid mounting a "regular" projector to the ceiling. Everything works as expected. The projection surface can be slightly tricky since it shouldn't have much structure. My walls don't work well for that reason which is why I mounted a large MDF sheet painted with regular wall paint to said wall.
Due to the extreme angle of incidence at the top of the image any kind of waviness of the projection surface will translate into corresponding waves in the image which can be noticeable at straight edges (such as the top of the screen). It is less of an issue while actually watching a movies which is why I haven't "fixed" my screen yet (which follows a slight curve in the wall <1cm).
I don't use many of the builtin features like speakers or apps (because I totally need yet another way to watch youtube videos other than on my bluray player, streaming media player, receiver...) so I won't comment on those.
One issue i didn't consider when buying this is that placing a center channel speaker relative to the projector is tricky. Putting it directly below the image is not possible since the speaker will cast a shadow on the image. So I had to compromise and ended up with the projector essentially standing on the speaker.
The image looks good to my eye and is surprisingly uncritical to focus. Slight movements of the projector, which have drastic effects on the image size due to the extreme projection angle rarely require refocusing. It requires a slightly darkened room as 1000 ANSI are not enough for daylight viewing.


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