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Charge 2 (L, Black Silver, Silikon)
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fitbit Charge 2 (L, Black Silver, Silikon)

Bewertung zu fitbit Charge 2 (L, Black Silver, Silikon).

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Charge 2 (L, Black Silver, Silikon)

Usless for recording heartrate, Its ok for recording Total number of steps, calories, minuets of activity PER DAY

I bought the device to log and down load heart rate information, THIS IS NOT SUPPORTED !!
You can only get a summary for the day. A graph of heart rate is viewable but you have no idea of the values.

The software (PC version) does not allow exporting of heart rate data. You have to use thier website and then it only gives number of steps and calories.

It may be usefull as a long term fitnes indicator but for sports its usless.


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