IB-CR301-U3, USB3.0 Multi-Kartenl. (USB 3.0)
CHF 21.60
Icy Box IB-CR301-U3, USB3.0 Multi-Kartenl. (USB 3.0)

Bewertung zu Icy Box IB-CR301-U3, USB3.0 Multi-Kartenl. (USB 3.0).

User Mut198

SD slot not smooth, can damage cards...

SD cards are hard to get in, even harder to get out, sometimes they'll get half stuck and you have to pull quite hard, it's already ripped off a couple plastic pins off my cards. I feel horrified every time I use this thing, afraid to lose all my work because of it. I've only tried SD cards, does the same thing with every card and I'm only using high-end Sandisk Extreme cards (two of which have been damaged by this reader already). So far it works, reads fine and speeds are good, but I just don't feel safe using it for any serious work.

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