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  • Basic (10m, Weiss, 0.75mm²)
  • Basic (10m, Weiss, 0.75mm²)
CHF 13.–
Hama Basic (10m, Weiss, 0.75mm²)

Bewertung zu Hama Basic (10m, Weiss, 0.75mm²).

User bill.zannoni
Basic (10m, Weiss, 0.75mm²)

Regularly OK

What to say... it's a pir of wires! It's practical and the quality good, I guess. Given the price, they perfectly fit their job. I just think, in general, that the price for all these "sound-grade" wires is totally blown up. For sure it's not their value. Come on, they're wires... I say it as a specialist, the price does not justify the tech behind any of these wires.


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