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  • Harpoon RGB (Kabel, Kabellos)
  • Harpoon RGB (Kabel, Kabellos)
  • Harpoon RGB (Kabel, Kabellos)
CHF 64.90
Corsair Harpoon RGB (Kabel, Kabellos)

Bewertung zu Corsair Harpoon RGB (Kabel, Kabellos).

User dorukb98

Overall good quality, comfortable, flexible

I have been using it for over a week now. Its comfortable to use for long hours (i use it >10hrs a day). I like the flexibility of using it wired or wireless. The control software iCUE works very well and I'm happy with the RGB lighting options.
Battery life is good and even the wired version is nice to use.
Overall im quite happy with the product.
Only issue i have is that the mouse wheel moves left and right as I move the mouse left and right rather fast, making an annoying sound. But its a minor issue.

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