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  • 850 EVO Basic (4000GB, 2.5")
  • 850 EVO Basic (4000GB, 2.5")
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Samsung 850 EVO Basic (4000GB, 2.5")

Bewertung zu Samsung 850 EVO Basic (4000GB, 2.5").

User Anonymous
850 EVO Basic (4000GB, 2.5")

Not sure it has a use for people who store files but if you are a gamer and steam downloads 100Gbs of updates daily, go SSD you won't regret it.Also great if you record videos or edit sound.

Samsung 850 evo 4TB on Asus X99-Deluxe - CrystalDiskmark 5.2.2 x64
Seq Q32T1 Read 559.3Mb/s Write 532.7Mb/s
4K Q32T1 Read 401.0Mb/s Write 356.3Mb/s
Seq Read 547.8Mb/s Write 524.8Mb/s
4K Read 41.51Mb/s Write 152.8Mb/s

I also have on the same computer :
Samsung 840 pro 1Tb - 552days running 99% remaining lifetime zero problems
Samsung 850 pro 1Tb - 313days running 99% remaining lifetime zero problems
Samsung 840 evo 2Tb - 139days running 99% remaining lifetime zero problems
Samsung SM951 512GB - 331days running 95% remaining lifetime zero problems (M.2 format plugged on the motherboard 1500Mb/s read/write used as C: has seen 10+ OS swaps between win7-win10 also I record hundreds of Gbs of videos on it almost daily using shadowplay 1080p/60fps, lots or write/read on this one)


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