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  • Eneloop (Akku, AAA, 4Stk.)
  • Eneloop (Akku, AAA, 4Stk.)
  • Eneloop (Akku, AAA, 4Stk.)
CHF 19.90
Panasonic Eneloop (Akku, AAA, 4Stk.)

Bewertung zu Panasonic Eneloop (Akku, AAA, 4Stk.).

User kav2k
Eneloop (Akku, AAA, 4Stk.)

Low discharge technology is great

Eneloop technology differs from other rechargeable batteries by its low discharge rate. This means that batteries that are not being actively used retain their charge for significantly longer than regular ones. In fact, they are so good at it that they can directly be used from the packaging without charging them first. It also means that you need to top them up less often, prolonging their active life.

I've been using Eneloop products for years (from when they were still Sanyo, not Panasonic) and I am yet to have one degraded due to wear. Those batteries are a great investment. Check out their branded changer as well, it's very good.

Note that some specialized, high-current workloads, like camera flash, would benefit from Eneloop Pro model over this one. See Panasonic Eneloop Pro Mignon (Accumulator, AA battery, 2500mAh, 4pcs.)

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