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  • Dark Base Pro 900 (Big Tower)
  • Dark Base Pro 900 (Big Tower)
  • Dark Base Pro 900 (Big Tower)
CHF 230.–
be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 (Big Tower)

Bewertung zu be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 (Big Tower).

User michalskla
Dark Base Pro 900 (Big Tower)

Just awesome!

This is the first time I bough a "be quiet!" case, but I'll stick with this brand for the foreseeable future.

The case is big and comfortable. And you can take out almost everything (some things with a screwdriver, some without) while putting the PC together (quite convenient).

It comes with several fans (and I added 3 more) and still it's really really quiet (the manufacturer added some silencing mats inside the case to reduce the noise too).

What surprised me was a little fan/LED driver at the left side of the case - it works quite well with standard fans/etc and grants you either motherboard controlled fan speed or manual control speed with a slider on the front of the case.

The included LED strips are a nice touch to the darkened glass side - I wasn't planning to make my PC look cool, but hey, it actually does thanks to this ;)


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