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  • 860 EVO Basic (500GB, 2.5")
  • 860 EVO Basic (500GB, 2.5")
  • 860 EVO Basic (500GB, 2.5")
CHF 92.–
Samsung 860 EVO Basic (500GB, 2.5")

Bewertung zu Samsung 860 EVO Basic (500GB, 2.5").

User timfranklin1
860 EVO Basic (500GB, 2.5")

It's a Samsung SSD

Does it's job, no major upgrade from an 840 but cheaper with a higher usage rating. I've been running 3 840's as system drives in three different computers for the last 4 1/2 years and they are all still fine. Used the 840's to upgrade a some old laptops.


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