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Protect Rauch- und CO-Melder, 3er Pack
CHF 379.–
Nest Protect Rauch- und CO-Melder, 3er Pack

Bewertung zu Nest Protect Rauch- und CO-Melder, 3er Pack.

User Gabbo
Protect Rauch- und CO-Melder, 3er Pack

Great Product but Premium Price

I was looking for a set of connected smoke alarms for our new house with could be setup on each floor, so a problem in the basement would give an alert in the bedrooms.
These are great, installed & setup in 15 minutes & all linked together with spoken alerts about what is happening.
They also have some nice extra features like a motion activated night light which is great for the upstairs landing.
There's another option to have it glow green to say all is well when you turn off the lights.
Powered by 6 AA batteries I guess I'll also need to invest in some more rechargeable batteries in the future.
So far the battery status still shows green but I'll update my review with average battery life when it comes around to changing them.


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