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Manual M120XWH2-E24 (Handbetrieben (Rollo), 120", 16:9)
CHF 293.–
Elite Screens Manual M120XWH2-E24 (Handbetrieben (Rollo), 120", 16:9)

Bewertung zu Elite Screens Manual M120XWH2-E24 (Handbetrieben (Rollo), 120", 16:9).

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Manual M120XWH2-E24 (Handbetrieben (Rollo), 120", 16:9)

Great product!

Great product. Easy to install and use, works smoothly and looks great (even if I have had this only for a couple of weeks).
The one con I can find is the attachments for the ceiling: they only provide hooks whereas you can screw it in on the wall mount. This means that it would swing back and forth if you were to use the hooks, but with a little imagination you can screw it in the ceiling.


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