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KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black)
CHF 449.–
BlackBerry KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black)

Bewertung zu BlackBerry KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black).

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KEYone (4.50", 32GB, 12MP, Black)

Great business tool


I have Blackberries since the the Bold 9000. I only use it for work, I don't have apps and I browse in websites only occasionally. A great phone, with a splendid keyboard and outstanding design. Display quality is more than enough, the HUB is a great feature, installing it from my Priv was 10 minutes work. After a couple of days, it felt like I owned it for months. What else can you ask for? Highly recommend as a working tool.


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