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Core i3-8100 (LGA 1151, 3.60GHz, 4-Core)
CHF 124.42
Intel Core i3-8100 (LGA 1151, 3.60GHz, 4-Core)

Bewertung zu Intel Core i3-8100 (LGA 1151, 3.60GHz, 4-Core).

User amosfasoletti

Good performance/price ratio.

Very good CPU. I used it for an home office build and was surprised by the performance; integrated graphics are working very good and in my opinion it's worth the little money difference with the G5500. It is also very interesting for low budget gaming build if you cannot afford the i5-8400 or want to squeeze the money to invest in a GPU. I would also reccommend it over any of the competitor Ryzen 3 1XXX series.

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