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  • Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)
  • Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)
  • Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)
CHF 49.–
Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)

Bewertung zu Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos).

User miguelin23
Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)

Excellent product. Good ergonomic. Good resolution...

Excellent product. Good ergonomic. Good resolution. I even rock in FPS games with this thing!

Plus, it helps me with the carpal tunnel.

I wish there was a gaming version (dpi adj. on the fly, more buttons, flashy LEDs and WIRED). But this gets everything done.

After 1 month of using it, I'm not going back to a conventional mouse.

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