• MR20GA.AEU (Fernbedienung)
  • MR20GA.AEU (Fernbedienung)
  • MR20GA.AEU (Fernbedienung)
CHF 48.90
LG MR20GA.AEU (Fernbedienung)

Bewertung zu LG MR20GA.AEU (Fernbedienung).

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The controller is supposed to make controlling the TV easier, but the pointer on the screen is inaccurate, jumpy and doesn't always correspond to the point you're aiming at.

Pointing at a button or option on the screen and then clicking with the scroll wheel makes the cursor jump, often making the click happen on a different button to the one you want.

Don't waste your money. Use the standard remote or the smartphone app instead.

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