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  • G502 Proteus Spectrum (Kabel)
  • G502 Proteus Spectrum (Kabel)
  • G502 Proteus Spectrum (Kabel)
CHF 82.90
Logitech G G502 Proteus Spectrum (Kabel)

Bewertung zu Logitech G G502 Proteus Spectrum (Kabel).

User tmf1234

Comfortable gaming mouse that broke twice

I owned the preceding G502 Proteus Core (with just a blue LED instead of RGB) and had to return it after about a one and a half years because it developed a fault, the scroll wheel was no longer properly held in place and became loose, thus activating as if I had clicked the scroll wheel whenever I just clicked a regular mouse button, resulting in unbelievably annoying behavior (for example closing browser tabs instead of changing to them). After returning the original G502, I bought the Proteus Spectrum because I liked the mouse. And it held on for quite a bit longer, about three years, but now, it begins to develop exactly the same fault unfortunately. It's a shame, because I really like the design, the button layout and how it feels in my hand, but I'm going to have to replace it and I'm not going to buy a third one.

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