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  • USB-BT400 (USB 2.0)
  • USB-BT400 (USB 2.0)
  • USB-BT400 (USB 2.0)
CHF 24.60
ASUS USB-BT400 (USB 2.0)

Bewertung zu ASUS USB-BT400 (USB 2.0).

User Anonymous
USB-BT400 (USB 2.0)

Bad installation, bad range

Installation of drivers is horrible. (i had to manually search for and download the driver.)
Range is also horrible. I use the product to connect my PC with a BT Headphone. The PC is under my desk, about 1 meter away. I can not connect the Headphones when i wear it. i have to put them down next to the PC. When i wear the headphones i got disturbances every now and then.

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