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  • Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)
  • Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)
  • Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)
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Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)

Bewertung zu Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos).

User HarLiii
Wireless Trackball M570 (Kabellos)

After many years not being a trackball user I am n...

After many years not being a trackball user I am now back to using one.
I came back to using one due to repeative wrist ache using a conventional mouse.

I can agree with some comments here about the wonder why the device is now wireless. I see one major advantage and that is the use of the unifying dongle.
I actually have 2 mice on my desk. the M570 for me and a Performance MX for all other people who use my workstation and are not used to trackball mice. In addition to this I also have the solar K750 keybaord. This means that only one USB slot is taken up for 3 devices.

Overall now after 3 months back to trackball use my wrist ache is gone and my work flow is alot better.

A good addtion for a unifying device to my setup.


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