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Flex 2 (L, S, Lavendel, Silikon)
CHF 79.–
fitbit Flex 2 (L, S, Lavendel, Silikon)

Bewertung zu fitbit Flex 2 (L, S, Lavendel, Silikon).

User hannah.dunlop1
Flex 2 (L, S, Lavendel, Silikon)

10/10 – would buy again.

Having never owned a fitbit before, this is the perfect start. I love how I can track my sleep, set silent alarms and see how many steps I am taking. I haven't tried swimming with it on yet, but the fact that it's waterproof is pretty excellent. The lavender is also a lovely colour on pale skin and the band / device itself is durable yet stylish. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wanted to see how much exercise they are getting and how they can improve.

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