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Fujitsu D3644-B MB C246 (LGA 1151, Intel C246, mATX)

Fujitsu D3644-B MB C246

LGA 1151, Intel C246, mATX


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m.2 pcie compatibility is poor

I tried various m.2 cards with this motherboard over a long period a year and with some storage devices it was stable and with some it would last only a day or two. Even the Intel remote management becomes frozen and unresponsive when these events occurred. (no ping on the ME ip address)

I've tried placing the same m.2 devices on a pcie port using an adaptor to the same effect. I've tried various bios and kernel settings, too, to no avail. (disabling nvme power savings, disabling all power settings, etc)

Only the most recent bios corrects a spurious MCE event that would show at boot. This once lead me to believe my processor was at fault.

I'm replacing it with another C246 motherboard from a competitor.


  • price
  • supports vpro/ME remote access
  • sufficient sata ports for nas


  • m.2 pcie compatiblity

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