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Meta Quest 128GB (128 GB)
617.– CHF

Meta Quest 128GB

128 GB


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Finally, I am very satisfied with the product, the apps/ games may be cheaper.

The VR Quest is great on the whole.
Since I have stronger pigments, the VR Quest does not work very well when I want to use my hands as a controller (function of the VR Quest operating system).

I especially like the
fact that the VR Quest has a Bluethooth function, because that is how I connected my Bluethooth headphones. However, you can also connect them normally via a normal jack plug, which is located on the Quest itself.

The power supply of 15W and the cable length are well thought out, so that you don't suddenly have a black screen while browsing.

I think you could do some games for free or less...
You pay 500+ for the quest itself and then you only have 3-5 free apps which you can use with restrictions. At this point you'd rather get a RIFT S and download games to your PC and stream them.
A game costs around 15-40 CHF...


  • Batterylife
  • Wireless
  • Own Operating System
  • Wifi function
  • Bluetooth
  • 15W USB-C Adapter (USB-C in andoutput)
  • Comfortable controllers
  • Erlebnis


  • Image quality (I know it is more about the experience, but this point must be mentioned)
  • No suitable link cable for data exchange with the PC included
  • Cleaning the lenses
  • Cleaning the headrest
  • Overpriced games in the Oculus Store
  • Controller powered with AA batterys and no recharger

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