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Wacom One M (10", 2540 lpi)

Wacom One M

10", 2540 lpi


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5/5 in Bang for Buck

This is my first Digital Pen/Drawboard and it does exactly what I expected - which conveniently corresponds precisely to what I needed it for. As such: 5/5

discl.: i ordered it to teach online, to compensate for the short-comings
of my keyboard.

You have 21.5x13.5cm to draw on which stand in relation to whatever space you define. e.g. The entire screen, or an application or parts of it. Your motions on your board proportionally translate to the movement on the screen.

I use the pen on a large 16:9 screen. Because of the dimension differences, this results in a small but unnoticeable acceleration of the pen.

Writing feels natural and my handwriting on screen looks identical to what my actual handwriting.

Although I did not order it to draw with it, I find myself scribbling nonsense frequently since. It's a lot of fun to let myself go in Paint 3d. I can imagine it would make an amazing entry-pen for those who wish to use it for Photoshop/Gimp/etc



  • usb/seemless data transfer
  • works without battery
  • perfect size
  • value

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