Live feed

What is the live feed?

The live feed stands for authenticity, navigation, information and entertainment. It gives an (almost) real-time insight into what’s going on in the webshop and behind the scenes. Messages are displayed, for example, whenever a customer places an order, a product is rated or shipped or when a website visitor is viewing a product.

The messages are streamed in a designated field on the website. Click on a message to be forwarded to the respective content or topic.

Why isn’t the live feed actually live?

For the sake of website speed, all activities are preloaded in the cache and displayed with a few minutes delay. The actual real time of all activities is displayed on the website in the "live" field.


We take data protection seriously. For this reason, as the messages are based on real customer activity, we have anonymised them by showing only the first letter of customers’ names and their location.
However, if you are not comfortable with this, you can fully anonymise your user name via your customer account. Simply click "settings" in your user account, then click on “edit user”. You will find the checkbox “anonymise user name”. If this box is checked, none of your activities will be displayed in the live stream.
Alternatively, you may also contact our customer service. Our employees will be happy to carry out the above steps for you.