Realme X2 pro

Will Realme mobiles available for purchase here? I'm really looking forward to Realme X2 pro.
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Unfortunately, we don't have any information regarding the Oppo RealMe X2 Pro.
David Limgepostet vor 3 Monaten
gepostet vor 3 Monaten
Hello there ..i dont understand ..you have much things from oppo ..why you dont bring this model even its belong it ..Me personally i want one model 256 GB ...could you please help ?
omar.kassaagepostet vor 2 Monaten
gepostet vor 2 Monaten
First of all, it's not called anymore "Oppo Realme..." but just "Realme ..." since it's no more a subbrand of Oppo.

Secondly, as a Swiss citizen it would be very appreciable if I could purchase Realme smartphones from you're store.

If you're not aiming to put it, please can you explain me why?

Thank you for you're attention.
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elmalcomxgepostet vor einem Monat
gepostet vor einem Monat
Wird das Realme x2 pro bald erhältlich sein es ist ja nicht mehr so neu?
Seku90gepostet vor einem Monat
gepostet vor einem Monat
I've a realme x2 pro for sale look like new 128gb 8gb of ram if anyone need it I can sell it, I'm coming from Geneva

g_for_unittgepostet vor einem Monat
gepostet vor einem Monat
I've been told that we are still looking into this matter and if we're lucky we are even going to be able to offer some. As soon as we have the products we will post the links.
David Limgepostet vor 6 Tagen
gepostet vor 6 Tagen

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