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BlackWidow Chroma V2 (USB, CH, Cavo, Razer Green Switch)
CHF 189.–
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 (USB, CH, Cavo, Razer Green Switch)

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User delemont

Concernant le clavier, j'ai bien vu CH pour la disposition mais est-ce bien un QWERTZ ? Car sur la photo, c'est un QWERTY, alors je me posais la question.

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User Rockoons
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Je n'ai pas ce clavier, mais je pense que la photo est une image "type" si le clavier est Suisse, ce sera bien un QWERTZ (normalement).

User Nosudrum

Is the layout the Swiss or German one ? I wanna be sure because I only find the swiss one here, the others all have the German layout

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User Negan636
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In the key specifications you'll see that it's a swiss layout. (CH)

User stegofantfant

weiss jemand wie lang die Handgelenk Ablage ist? /in die Spezifikationen schreiben

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User michito1
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Genau gleich lang wie die Tastatur, sprich 47.5cm. Breite ca. 8cm

User Newdeeed

Ce clavier existe avec 3 versions de switches. Est-ce les verts, les oranges ou les jaunes sur la version que vous proposez ?

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User denny.buchholz
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Hey there. I'm not able to answer in your language, I'm not even sure wheter it's french or not. But you are asking about the switches, aren't you? Now the yellow ones are only available with the US layout and the orange ones just with 4 different layouts. Judging by those facts and the fact that every CH layout has always been equipped with green switches, this one should also utilize those green ones.

Hope that's what you wanted to know.