Unità a stato solido SSD

SSD for Notebook Dell XPS 13 9360

Dear Community,

I would like to buy a new SSD for the notebook mentioned above. I have narrowed my choice to Samsung 970 Evo Plus and Samsung 970 Pro.

I would like to be reassured about their compatibility with the notebook.
Thanks a lot.

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Yes, any M.2 2280 SSD will do. As far as I know both of your SSDs are compatible. However I have read, that Dell runs it's SSDs in power save mode. You unfortunately can't change that setting in the BIOS, it's apparently located in the firmware. You probably wouldn't get better performance with the plus or pro version over the stock 970 evo.

You can learn more here:

Also, it seems this guy ran into some problems with his backup programm.

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Dear Raphael,

Thanks a lot for your answer, you found some good links! 😊 I think I will proceed with the 970 Evo anyway, even if the controller will not be able to match the speed.

Thanks a lot once more!


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