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Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W)
Philips Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W)

Valutazione su Philips Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W).

User sreejiths
Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W)

Good home automation But not so good practically

Bought this in offer, it was very easy to setup and the Hue application is also good.

However, realized it soon that there is no way to retain the last used color or brightness levels.when switching on from the regular wall switch it always switches back on to default warm color with full brightness. So every time you must open the app in mobile and choose the preferred color and level again. (Initially it will be OK. But practically not so fun when you have to do it every time)

This also adds another issue, if by any chance there was a power disruption to the bulbs it will come back on as full bright. Might not sound like a big issue in Swiss, but I am not so sure many people would enjoy all of their home lights going on in the middle of the night, which they had switched off with the app before going to sleep. (even if this happens once or twice).

I feel the above 2 points are a big concern about this product and to make matters worse, this had already been raised by many of the existing customers and Philips seems to have completely denied to look into it or fix it. In my point of view, we should have at least an option to choose the minimum brightness level to use, in this kind of scenario; especially when it is something we are buying for such a high price. Some of the other manufacturers seems to have identified this flaw, and I am being forced to consider the alternatives.

But, if the above points are not a problem for someone, its definitely a good buy.

Easy to setup
Missing a very basic functionality : to retain the last color and luminous level on Switch off & on
In case of a power failure to the bulbs, it will switch on Full bright and there is no way to reduce

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