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  • FX-9590, Vishera (AM3+, 4.70GHz, Unlocked)
  • FX-9590, Vishera (AM3+, 4.70GHz, Unlocked)
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AMD FX-9590, Vishera (AM3+, 4.70GHz, Unlocked)

Question sur AMD FX-9590, Vishera (AM3+, 4.70GHz, Unlocked)

User marcelina851
 Réponse acceptée

If you disable the turbocore technologie on the bios and let it at 4.7GHZ it works just fine. Even with a good air cooler.

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User CGiBiNx64

Yes, you might be right.
If you know how to "work" those CPU's, they are great! I just saw another thread which stated that he can run it stable at 5.2 or 5.3 GHz but of course with a custom LC solution. Still, he writes a few things which are very important.
HT Link Speed, Voltage and of course again, Cooling solution and Airflow. He says it runs on around 65 degrees on load which is awesome for such a high clock :) The problem is, not many people are able to really configure such a beast properly (myself included to be honest).
I think there are many factors to run this CPU stable. For example RAM, Voltages etc. If you intend to run 2400MHz RAM it might be a problem to configure it properly.
Well anyway, if you intend to buy it and dont know much about overclocking I would suggest to get another CPU, or first do some research on for example Tom's Hardware for some example configurations which work fine. I also saw that he wrote the CPU even works on around 1.3V on 4.7GHz which bascially says dont go with stock settings :) PPS: Maybe wait for RYZEN, those will be awesome!! :D

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