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  • WP II (10x, 25mm)
  • WP II (10x, 25mm)
  • WP II (10x, 25mm)
CHF 120.–
Olympus WP II (10x, 25mm)

Évaluation sur Olympus WP II (10x, 25mm).

User tobermaier

Poor value

Expected better from Olympus becasue I own an older version of these (also made in China) and they are quite good. Although these feel nice in the hand, and the adjustments all feel firm and of high quality, the image in the center is decent, but becomes very unsharp about halfway away from the center. I wasn't expecting them to be perfect, I know you can spend a lot more on binoculars, but these were disappointing even for 80CHF. Not worth the money when you can get similar image quality with 30CHF binoculars.

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