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  • 850 EVO Basic (1000Go, 2.5")
  • 850 EVO Basic (1000Go, 2.5")
  • 850 EVO Basic (1000Go, 2.5")
Samsung 850 EVO Basic (1000Go, 2.5")

Évaluation sur Samsung 850 EVO Basic (1000Go, 2.5").

User Marky Mark
850 EVO Basic (1000Go, 2.5")


Super SSD, I am content.

Fresh Windows 7 (1 week old, many updates and programs installed) needs on my 5 year old notebook only 32,5 sec to start up:
- the first 14 seconds till Windows itself begins to load
- then 18,5 seconds for Windows, including fast typing in my password, including waiting till the mouse pointer stops spinning and indicates that all is loaded and Windows is really ready to work. 32,5 seconds, this is really comfortable.

This SSD has also a very low power consumption when idling which is good for notebooks to prolong battery life.

In my opinon 850 Pro is the best SSD with SATA III connector. Though Samsungs SSDs with M.2 connector are 4x faster, thus only 4 stars, but among the SATAIII connector SSDs it certainly deserves 5 stars.
Consider this SSD: Samsung 950 Pro (512GB, M.2 2280)
Inteface is crucial, have a look at the bottleneck graphics: rog.asus.com/361862014/ramp...


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