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  • Guide

    Loading up Santa’s sleigh: here are our pre-Christmas order deadlines

    by Martin Jungfer

  • Behind the scenes

    Santa to bring Lego, game consoles and Apple gadgets this year

    by Alex Hämmerli

  • New to our range

    Twinkly: Intelligent decorative lighting

  • Guide

    5 ways to packagevouchers more imaginativelyat the last minute

    by Pia Seidel

  • New to our range

    Meet the Tolino Vision 6 e-reader


We accompany you during this contemplative time of the year. Whether it's tips on Advent calendars for small and big children, ideas for relatives who are difficult to give presents to or instructions on how to wrap your presents more beautifully. No matter when the pre-Christmas season begins for you - when chocolate and chocolate lice are on sale in the department stores, when Christmas markets are being set up, or when you are shopping for presents on the eve of the big giveaway - our editorial team will provide you with news about the festival of love.
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Water sports

Straighten your snorkel and dive with us. Here, the editors write about the highs and lows of water sports: sometimes recreational happiness beckons on the SUP, sometimes it's underwater rugby. We portray water rats and lifesavers, put the equipment to the test and risk a belly flop or two ourselves. When it comes to choosing topics, we from the editorial team also like to swim against the tide.

If you want to swim along, then follow the tag "water sports" - and we will serve you wet and damp topics, dry humour and personal views.