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Feedback from our customers

Digitec is a good partner even in difficult times like during the current pandemic.D. from Kreuzlingen per E-mail on 27.05.2020
Very friendly supporter.. The waiting time was a little too long (30 - 35 minutes).T. from Wil SG per E-mail on 26.05.2020
Support very good. They solved my problem almost instantaneously. Really appreciate to work with you.D. from Corcelles per E-mail on 25.05.2020
Sehr nett, rasch und entgegenkommend!S. from Muttenz per E-mail on 25.05.2020
Absolutely satisfied with the quality level of services and goods provided by Digitec, including delivery. Also happy with the customer service/support.V. from Canobbio per E-mail on 22.05.2020
Very responsive correspondence. Well explained the issue and promptly follow up. Thumbs up for your customer service individual and team.N. from So per E-mail on 20.05.2020
Great support, many thanks!L. from Arzier per E-mail on 19.05.2020
The suport I received was very nice. I'm still waiting for the situation to get resolved, but I must say that I am very satisfied with the person that gave me tech support.M. from Wagenhausen per E-mail on 18.05.2020
Thank you. That's why I prefer to pay more with Digitec, than saving a few CHF somewhere else. Your customer service is really good.P. from Bellach per E-mail on 15.05.2020
Level of support provided was good, however slightly delayed due to the current situation with Covid19. Thank you very much.V. from Niederrohrdorf per E-mail on 13.05.2020
Excellent job, keep up the good work.K. from Niederlenz per E-mail on 12.05.2020
Thank you very much for your great service and support.E. from Lausanne per E-mail on 11.05.2020
Very happy overall, quite fast to receive the replacement of goods. Thanks a lot.X. from Veyrier per E-mail on 08.05.2020
Excellent support, thank you very much! :)M. from LAUSANNE per E-mail on 07.05.2020
Quick, justified, friendly.P. from Dietikon per E-mail on 06.05.2020
Great service, very fast to reply and solved all the problems I encountered with no compromises.A. from Thônex per E-mail on 05.05.2020
The employees of Digitec always try to find a solution. I am very happy with the customer support.G. from Bern per E-mail on 04.05.2020
It was very nice and helpful and I’m thankful for the time spent explaining and evaluating the situation.J. from Gland per E-mail on 29.04.2020
Couldnt be any better. :)A. from Schlieren per E-mail on 28.04.2020
The help desk operator was very kind, professional and effective. They resolved my issue very quickly and with no overhead on my side. Thanks!D. from Zurich per E-mail on 27.04.2020