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Feedback from our customers

I love the digitec portal. And all in English - thanks! The support was prompt and dealt with my issue. M. from Bern per E-Mail on 02.10.2018
I am absolutely thrilled by the wonderful service provided by Adam, he has helped me with every question in a very quick and detailed manner. I couldn't be more happy and lots of compliments to the service. This will definitely make me continue ordering from Digitec again. Thank you! L. from Zürich per E-Mail on 03.09.2018
Very helpful and fast, with a very nice attitude, i enjoyed speaking to him! And the English was perfect! Thank you very much for the help! You are doing a great job Nikolic! T. from Genève per E-Mail on 07.08.2018
Superb. Philippe Gmur was reassuring, proactive and very helpful. I am overwhelmed by the quality of customer support that I received just when I needed it. Thank you so much. R. from Rheinfelden per Telefon on 12.04.2018
As a long time customer of Digitec, where I've spent many thousands of francs on products, I was delighted to see the great service continues. The faulty product has been replaced very swiftly and delivered to my doorstep, very happy customer. J. from Blonay per E-Mail on 19.03.2018
I'm well satisfied with your costumer attention, it's good to have your company in town. J. from GEnève per E-Mail on 21.02.2018
Dear Philippe and Digitec team, Thank you so much for your email, this is indeed by far the best customer service I have ever had. Congratulations on the great work! No problem on the change of pick up time, I can go today after work or even tomorrow at lunch. M. from Chevry per E-Mail on 20.02.2018
I really appreciate your professional business style and that's why you are my top technology provider. Thank you for keeping me updated. Keep it up guys you Rock! A. from Genève per E-Mail on 20.02.2018
I am amazed at the reply speed and efficiency of the warranty process. I have never had such a good experience replacing an item before! V. from Zürich per E-Mail on 20.02.2018
Having received a different version of the item I ordered, support was prompt, offered good solutions and carried out my chosen solution immediately. Not what you always get from other online retailers. R. from St-Cergue per E-Mail on 10.02.2018
Swift response with a very polite message and excellent service aimed at customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons why I use digitec services. I. from Zürich per E-Mail on 08.02.2018
I would like to point out that I received an excellent attention and customer support. My problem is solved and my laptop works perfectly now as I wanted. I am very happy with you and I really want to recommend Digitec to everyone who wants to buy electronic's as Digitec is not just a seller company it really gets into customers desires and request. K. from Luzern per E-Mail on 04.02.2018
Excelent service and flexibility in terms of timing to place an order. Thank you! J. from GENEVA, GE per E-Mail on 24.01.2018
Very helpful and always trying to see if everything was ok, and very quick answer! N. from Zurich per E-Mail on 22.01.2018
The response was very much appreciated and demonstrate excellent customer respect. It makes me very glad to shop at digitec. J. from Lausanne per E-Mail on 10.01.2018
Very polite and competent individual- understood my problem quickly and provided solution - thanks refreshingly easy M. from Haute Nendaz per Telefon on 15.12.2017
Fantastic support. Thank you very much for being understanding! Will definitely continue to buy from Digitec. L. from Pfaffikon - SZ per E-Mail on 10.12.2017
I am very glad with the resolve and very happy with the speed the query has been solved! A. from Nänikon per E-Mail on 28.11.2017
Customer-oriented professional high-quality service. K. from Dübendorf per E-Mail on 24.11.2017
Customer service was very good. They made it easy to exchange one of my items. J. from Zug per E-Mail on 18.11.2017