Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the nameless voice assistant from Google. In addition to the app for your smartphone, you can also use various smart speakers to communicate with it. The smallest is the Google Home Mini. This is primarily used for receiving commands and playing back information, while larger speakers like the Google Home or Google Home Max can definitely also be used as multi-room speakers. The Google Home Hub devices also have a display. This can be especially useful if you want to display the weather, a YouTube video, or a cooking recipe. There are other third-party speakers that have Google Assistant integrated as well.
In addition to their function as standalone and multi-room speakers, Google Home devices also serve as an entry point into Google's smart home world, meaning all compatible devices. For example, you can control your network camera, lamps or multrioom speakers via voice command.
Google's Assistant has been named the smartest of all voice assistants in many reviews. In fact, Google seems to be able to use its entire knowledge and data on artificial intelligence to give you even more precise answers to your questions and to implement your commands as quickly and error-free as possible. For example, Google Asstistant is the first to be able to accept several commands at the same time, which are linked with an "and". For example, you can turn on the light and the music with just one sentence.

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