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Subscription Configuration

New contract

Click on "new contract" if:

  • You do not yet have a subscription and wish to get one. You already have a subscription, wish to change providers and keep your number. You would like to convert your prepaid number to a subscription.

Contract extension

Click on "contract extension" if:

  • You already have a subscription and would like to take advantage of a discounted device. You wish to both extend and change your subscription with your current provider.

Porting (change provider)

Want to change mobile providers but keep your current number? We are happy to help you.

  • You can initiate the porting your number before expiry of your current subscription. Porting deadlines vary depending on your provider. Want to find out more about your options? Please contact us and state your phone number and current provider. Porting deadlines for post-paid subscriptions may be several months. Nevertheless, you will receive your mobile phone immediately after contract conclusion. The porting of pre-paid numbers takes between one and a maximum of three weeks.


Important information on your subscription order

  • Subscriptions are concluded by our specialised mobiles team who require device-specific information. For this reason, subscriptions can only be obtained once the respective device has arrived at our warehouse (central warehouse or store warehouse).

Need additional assistance?
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