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1. somfy Rain sensor 9016345 Ondeis 230V AC

Rain sensor 9016345 Ondeis 230V AC (9016345).

2. somfy 1822649 Wireless receiver

Would you also like the comfort and security of a smart home? Then we have the perfect solution for you: with the Somfy io ON/OFF light receiver, you can conveniently control your lighting by remote control or app in the future. 

3. somfy Soliris

Somfy Soliris Sensor RTS + 1818225 Manufacturer :Somfy Designation :Soliris Sensor RTS + Rain Option 5m Ka.sw Type :1818225 Radio frequency :433.42 MHz Rolling code system :yes Range :20 m Number of commands :4 With radio hand-held transmitter :no Radio pushbutton flush-mounted :no Radio pushbutton on wall :no With radio coding device :no Protection class (IP) :IP34 Keypad protection cover :no Power supply :230 V AC Somfy Soliris Sensor RTS + 1818225: more details The sensor enables automatic (wind, brightness or rain-dependent) control of one or more RTS drives for awnings by radio. If the set threshold value for wind is exceeded, the blind is raised or retracted for protection. In this state, any manual or automatic movement command is temporarily blocked. Additional protection: In combination with the Ondeis rain sensor (art. no. 9 016 345), the awning is retracted when it starts to rain. If the set threshold value for light intensity is persistently exceeded, the awning automatically extends to protect against the sun. Operating voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50/60Hz Operating temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C Protection class of housing: IP 34 Protection class: II Radio frequency: 433.42 MHz Brightness setting range: 0-50 kLux Wind setting range: 10 - 50 km/h Dimensions (WxH): 236 x 160 mm , EAN: 3660849561024. 

4. somfy 1805223 1805223 Telis 6 Chronis RTS radio transmitter

SOMFY 1805223 1805223 Telis 6 Chronis RTS radio transmitter (1805223).

5. somfy programmed

Somfy programmed scenarios 1824035 Manufacturer: Somfy Name: programmed scenarios TaHoma scenario play Type: 1824035 Radio frequency: 868 MHz Rolling code system: no Range: 15 m With radio handheld transmitter: no Radio pushbutton flush-mounted: no Radio pushbutton on the wall: yes With radio coding device: no Protection class (IP): IP30 Keypad protection cover: no Power supply: BatterySomfy programmed scenarios 1824035: more detailsWith the radio wall transmitter, two scenarios programmed in TaHoma can be started without opening the TaHoma user interface. - Direct manual activation of two scenarios created in TaHoma - Activation of an emergency call message via e-mail, push notification and / or SMS - STOP button to stop an activated scenario - Fits the most common 50 x 50 mm adapter frames of switch manufacturers Note: Suitable adapter frame and mounting plate for other switch programs must be ordered separately. Scope of delivery: radio module incl. battery, mounting plate for Somfy Smoove frame. Operating voltage: 3 V (battery type CR2430) Operating temperature: 0 °C to 60 °C Ambient conditions: dry living spaces Protection class: IP 30 Radio frequency: 868.95 MHz Dimensions (WxHxD): 50 x 50 x 10 mm , EAN: 3660849517052. 

6. somfy Radio wind sensor

Somfy 9013847 Radio wind sensor Eolis 3D.

7. somfy Setting tool QuickCopy 9019596

Somfy setting tool QuickCopy 9019596 (9019596).

8. somfy Radio handheld transmitter 1 channel+adjusting wheel 1811634

Somfy radio handheld transmitter 1 channel+adjusting wheel 1811634 (1811634).