Best JUNG products in the Home automation accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best JUNG products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. JUNG Radio universal transmitter

Jung radio universal transmitter FM US 2 UP Manufacturer: Jung Designation: radio universal transmitter 2-channel Type: FM US 2 UP Radio frequency: 868 MHz Range: 100 m With radio hand-held transmitter: no Power supply: 230 V ACJung radio universal transmitter FM US 2 UP: more details2gang New system function: fully encrypted radio transmission (AES-CCM) from eNet server software version 2.0 Intended use Transmitter for radio transmission of switching, dimming, shutter movement and scene commands Control by pushbuttons, switches, shutter pushbuttons or shutter switches or other devices with pushbutton or switch contact Installation in device box according to EN 60670-1 in combination with a suitable cover Installation in surface-mounted housing or installation adapter (Art.No. FM-EBG) for false ceilings Operation with wireless actuators from the eNet system Product features Detection of voltage levels and changes at the input Transmission behavior adjustable Connection for signal lamp e.g. for connection of push button with separate signal contact (Art.-No. 534 U) Display transmission status with status LED or signal lamp Operating modes, adjustable with operating mode switch: 1-gang switching/dimming/blind 1-gang automatic function 2-gang switching/dimming/pushbutton operation 2-gang automatic function Adjustable with eNet server: Fully encrypted radio transmission (AES-CCM) from eNet server software version 2.0 Scenes: All-on, all-off, individual scenes 2-gang shutter Operation locks Set up connections enabled/locked Status for priority control Repeater function Update device software Single- and dual-surface operation Operation of functions or electrical loads depends on the application and the connected components. When switches are connected, operation follows the usual switch function. When pushbuttons are connected, two types of operation are common: Single-surface operation Lighting: Switching on/off or brighter/darker dimming of a lighting is performed alternately by repeatedly pressing the relevant pushbutton. Two-surface operation lighting: Two keys form a function pair. Pressing on the left switches on/dims a lighting brighter, pressing on the right switches off/darker. One-surface operation blinds: The upward or downward movement is performed alternately by repeated pressing of the relevant key. Two-surface operation of blinds: Two keys form a function pair. Pressing the left button moves a blind upwards, pressing the right button moves it downwards. Rated voltage: AC 110 ... 230 V ~, 50/60 Hz Standby power: 0.5 W Ambient temperature: -25 ... +70 °C Inputs Cable length: max. 100 m Input current at nominal voltage: approx. 2 mA Signal duration: min. 200 ms Output indicator lamp Nominal voltage (switching voltage): AC 110 ... 230 V ~ Output current: 40 mA Connection type: screw terminals solid: 1 x 0.75 ... 4 mm2 finely stranded with ferrule: 1 x 0.75 ... 2.5 mm2 Dimensions (Ø x H): 53 x 23 mm Radio frequency: 868.0 ... 868.6 MHz Transmitting power: max. 20 mW Transmitting range in free field: typ. 100 m Receiver category: 2 , EAN: 4011377087019. 

2. JUNG Signal generator

Jung signal transmitter aws A 567 S WW Manufacturer: Jung Designation: signal transmitter aws compl.with support ring Type: A 567 S WW Number of tones: 2 Housing color: white Housing material: plastic Volume: 96 dB Nominal voltage: 12 V Protection class (IP): IP20 Current type: AC Power consumption: 0.024 AJung signal transmitter aws A 567 S WW: more detailsSignal transmitter, alpine white (compl. with support ring, screw fixing) Loudness: approx. 82 dB(A) (tone color 1, approx. 800 Hz) at 1 m distance and AC 12 V ~ (piezo, with tone generator) approx. 96 dB(A) (tone color 2, approx. 3000 Hz) at 1 m distance and AC 12 V ~ (piezo, with tone generator) Connections: ~ 1 timbre 1 (approx. 800 Hz)~ 2 timbre 2 (approx. 3,000 Hz) Current consumption: approx. 24 mA at AC 12 V ~approx. 12 mA at DC 12 V , EAN: 4011377021310. 

3. JUNG Radio wall transmitter

Jung Radio Wall Transmitter BLE LS 990 SWM Manufacturer :Jung Designation :Radio Wall Transmitter Bluetooth Low Energy Type :BLE LS 990 SWM With hand transmitter :no Wall transmitter :yes Window transmitter :no With remote control :yes Number of channels :2 Mounting type :Surface-mounted Material :Plastic Material quality :Thermoplastic Halogen-free :yes Finish :matt Colour :black Transparent :no Suitable for switches :yes Suitable for dimmers :yes Suitable for blind switches :yes Suitable for display element :no Compatible with Apple HomeKit :no Compatible with Google Assistant :no Compatible with Amazon Alexa :no IFTTT support available :no Jung wireless wall transmitter BLE LS 990 SWM: more details 2-channel including mounting plate, adhesive foil and fastening screws Smart light switch for wireless remote control of devices via the Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) radio standard For switching, dimming and controlling individual light scenes Mounting on device box with dimensions according to DIN 49073, screw mounting on walls, or adhesive mounting on walls.Battery-free device without external power supply Transmitting energy is generated from mechanical energy during operation (energy harvesting) Encrypted transmission with AES-128 (CBC mode) and sequence counter Compatible with the wireless Bluetooth® systems: Casambi, XICATO Controls, Häfele Connect, WiSilica, Wirepas, Blu2Light (Vossloh Schwabe), Aruba, Fulham, Helvar Configuration interface: NFC Forum Type 2 Tag (ISO/IEC 14443 Part 2 + 3) Range extension depending on system automatically via mains-powered BT mesh devices Radio frequency: 2.402 ... 2.480 GHz Transmitting range in free field: up to 75 m in buildings: approx. 10 m Transmitting power: 0.4 dBm / 1.1 mW Ambient temperature: -5 ... +45 °C Storage/transport temperature: -25 ... +65 °C Humidity: 0 ... 95 % (no condensation) , EAN: 4011377213449. 

4. JUNG KNX area/line coupl.

Jung KNX Bereich/Linienkoppl. 2142 REG Manufacturer: Jung Designation: KNX Bereich/Linienkoppl. REG Housing 2TE Type: 2142 REG Bus system KNX: yes Bus system KNX radio: no Bus system radio bus: no Bus system LON: no Bus system Powernet: no Other bus systems: without Mounting type: REG Width in units: 2Jung KNX area/line coupler. 2142 REG: further detailsREG housing 2 TE ETS product family System devices Product type Line coupler KNX Data Secure compatible from ETS 5.7.3 Function The coupler connects two KNX lines with each other in terms of data and ensures electrical isolation between these lines. Line coupler LK Connection of a line with a main line (HL) optionally with or without filter function. The coupler is logically assigned to the subordinate line. Area coupler BK Connection of a main line (HL) with an area line (BL) optionally with or without filter function. The coupler is logically assigned to the subordinate line. Amplifier V Processing and repetition of telegrams on a line, no filter function. Subdivision of a line into max. 4 independent line segments (max. 3 line amplifiers connected in parallel per line). A separate power supply including choke is required for each line segment. , EAN: 4011377010697. 

5. JUNG KNX universal dimming actuator

Jung KNX universal dimming actuator LED, 4gang, 4 TE 39004 1S R (390041SR).