Best Digitus products in the Cable sleeves + Cable protection category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Digitus products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Digitus Flexible Cable Routing with Adjustable Length

The flexible cable routing from DIGITUS® is the perfect solution, not only for height-adjustable tables. The individual links can be removed or added depending on requirements, so the length can be individually adjusted up to the maximum table height. When a height-adjustable table is lowered the cable routing the cable routing folds up tidily without tangling up or causing a mess of cables. The weighted metal foot of the cable routing stays stable on the floor. Attachment to the table is with the angle at the top end of the cable snake. It can be used for a maximum table height of 130 cm. Within the cable routing there are 4 separate channels for neat and tidy organization of all kinds of cables. Each module has a flexible opening for easy entry and exit of the cables. Tidy up the space under your desk!. 

2. Digitus Flexible Cable Tube with Hook and Loop Fastener

The flexible plastic tube lets you organize your cables easily and neatly. It can be individually cut to the length needed and automatically contracts again once it is closed. The hook and loop fastener means that it can be opened and closed whenever needed to add or remove cables. Installation is very simple. Cut the tube to the desired length, insert the cables and close the hook and loop fastener. No more cable clutter or tangles with the neat solution from DIGITUS®. 

3. Digitus Magnetic Cable Management Channel

Magnetic Cable Management Channel to attach to desk leg/frame Hides cables and power cords for a clean workspace.

4. Digitus Cable spiral hose with pull-in aid

The flexible cable guide ensures that your connection cables are properly bundled and protects against wear and tear. The length can be shortened individually and expands when using several cables. With the practical pull-in aid, you can pull your cables into the spiral hose in no time at all. Neat cable management and very easy handling are the hallmarks of this cable guide. No more tangled cables or cable tangle thanks to the clean solution from Digitus. 

5. Digitus Cable Management Ring, zinc-plated

The cable guide brackets by DIGITUS are made of galvanised round steel. This stable material enables professional, neat cable management in each 482.6 mm (19") cabinet. They can be fastened to one rack unit laterally or frontally on previously installed components thanks to the slim mounting plate. Various sizes and versions with frontal or lateral openings help to fulfill all requirements. 

6. Digitus 254mm (10") Cable management with patchcord access hole

The 10" Cable Management Panel from DIGITUS® is the perfect accessoire for a neat and easy cable management. It is easy to install inside of your 10" housing and with three cable rings it provides an optimized duct of the cables. 

7. Digitus C Profile Rails for 483 mm (19“) Cabinets of the Unique Series

The C Profile Rails are mounted in the depth of the 483 mm (19“) cabinet. With the new fixing method at the punched frame profiles of the respective cabinet, they now provide even more scope for cable management applications. The C Profile Rails are suitable for all cabinets of the Unique Series of DIGITUS Professional.