Security software licenses

Here you can find licenses for all common security software articles, i.e. several employees in your company can use the same version of the same program at the same time.

Security programs are used to
protect the computer from harmful digital remote access, viruses and malware, to regularly back up data on the PC or laptop and to ensure the general smooth operation of a computer or network. To maintain protection, security software should be continuously updated and adapted to the latest trends so that new threats can be effectively countered. Such programs monitor (depending on the software, version and design) e.g. incoming and outgoing emails including attachments, control Internet traffic and the security of the websites visited, regularly check the entire hard disk of the PC and store passwords using secure encryption.

We carry various security programs from Symantec to protect your PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. No matter what danger is threatening - we have the right security software!

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Zyxel - iCard Bitdefender/SecuReporter Bundle ZyWALL/USG110 1 Jahr

Zyxel - iCard Bitdefender/SecuReporter Bundle ZyWALL/USG310 1 Jahr

Zyxel - iCard Bitdefender/SecuReporter Bundle USG40/USG40W 1 Jahr

Zyxel - iCard Bitdefender/SecuReporter Bundle USG210 1 Jahr

Cisco - Lizenz L-FPR1010T-TMC-3Y, 3 Jahre Threat Defense,Malware&URL

Zyxel - Lizenz iCard Bitdef./SecuReporter Prem USG60/60W 1 Jahre J.

ESET - Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server RNW, 5-10, 1yr

ESET - Smart Security Premium Voll, 1 Jahr, 5 Geräte (German)

Netgear - Lizenz INSIGHT PRO 1 SINGLE NPR1SNG5, 5 J.

Cisco - Lizenz LIC-MX68CW-SEC-1YR 1 Jahre J.

Zyxel - Lizenz iCard Bitdefender Bundle ZyWALL110/USG110, 1 Monat

Zyxel - Lizenz iCard Bitdefender Bundle USG40/40W, 1 Monat

Cisco - Lizenz Cisco Lizenz LIC-Z1-ENT-5YR, 5 J.