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Modding Sleeving covers all our PC modding articles, which offer a more beautiful sleeving or a more stylish jacket for the cable tangle in your PC. These flexible and colourful cables are also intended to ensure that the above-mentioned cable clutter disappears completely. You can also find cable combs, cable splitters and shrink tubes.

We can offer you a wide range and articles from manufacturers such as Aquatuning, BitFenix, CableMod, Corsair, E22, EKWB, MDPC-X, Modsmart, Phanteks, PHOBYA, Silverstone and Super Flower.

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Y-cable for 4-pin PWM fan (11cm)
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Phanteks Y-cable for 4-pin PWM fan (11cm)
Extension Cables (50cm)
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11.–for 2 Pieces
Phanteks Extension Cables (50cm)