Ortofon - 2M Blue (Elliptical, 5.50mV)

Audio-Technica - AT-VM95E (Elliptical, 4mV)

Denon - DL-103R (Spherical, 0.25mV)

Ortofon - 2M Red PnP MKII (Elliptical, 5.50mV)

Ortofon - Stylus 2M Red (Elliptical, 5.50mV)

Audio-Technica - ATN95E (Elliptical, 3.50mV)

Ortofon - 2M Red (Elliptical, 5.50mV)

Audio-Technica - VM540ML (microridge, 4mV)

Audio-Technica - AT-VM95EN (Elliptical, 3.50mV)

House of Marley - Replacement head for the Stir it up record player

Ortofon - Stylus 10 (Elliptical)

Ortofon - Stylus 5E (Elliptical)

Audio-Technica - AT-VM95C (Conical, 4mV)

Lenco - AT-3600

GPO - replacement needle (Spherical)