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Learning and training programs are used for exam preparation, language acquisition or other skills. For example, we offer a wide range of language learning software or supporting programs for the theoretical driving test. You will also find numerous programs for acquiring computer skills, such as 10-finger typing. Programs from brands like easydriver, IS18, Viva, PlanetL or AutoDriver can be purchased from us. 

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e.driver - 2019/2020 Bundle Edition (15 Mt., 1x, Windows, Mac OS X, German, French, Italian, English)

Hänni Mikhail - verkehrstheorie.ch 2020/21 (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, iPadOS, macOS, German, French, Italian)

- smartdriver Taxi Fahrschule Online Kat. BPT (9 Mt., 1x, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, German, French, Italian)

Franzis - Lernpaket Physik (Unlimited, 1x, Windows, German)

- e.driver Professional V1.0 (18 Mt., 1x, Windows, Mac OS X, German, French)