Internal data cables (PC)

Internal data cables connect the individual components in a PC and thus ensure that the components can interact and communicate with each other. Data is exchanged at different speeds, depending on the type and construction of the cable. The length of the cables can also vary.

We offer cables from 3ware, Adaptec, Akasa, Aquatuning, Assmann Electronic, ASUS, Delock, Digitus, ednet, equip, Hama, HPE, InLine, Lindy LSI-Logic, M-Cab, MSI, QNAP, RS Pro,Silverstone, StarTech, Supermicro, Thermaltake and others.

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Value - SATA-3 cable (50cm)

V7 - USB3.0 TO 2.5 SATA HDD Adapter (50cm)

ASUS - ROG Strix PCI-E x16 Riser ribbon cable (24cm)

Digitus - SATA connection cable,L-type,0,5m (50cm)

Thermaltake - Gaming PCI-E 3.0 X16 Riser Cable (20cm)

Delock - USB cable internal (30cm)

LogiLink - AU0006C (18cm)

StarTech - 4X SATA Splitter (40cm)

Akasa - Proslim SATA 3 cable (50cm)

Phanteks - Vertical GPU riser cable (22cm)

Delock - SATA-3 cable (30cm)

InLine - SATA III (6Gb/s) cable

Digitus - SATA connection cable,L-type,0,3m (30cm)

Akasa - PWM Y Cable sleeved (15cm)

Thermaltake - Riser Card PCIe Extender Cable 30cm (30cm)