Interactive educational games

How to put the fun into learning? With interactive educational games!

Multimedia learning games are available for all ages. Toddlers can practise their ABCs, learn new words and train their brains with
memory games. For example, children get to discover all the animals in the zoo or on a farm, the vehicles and other exciting things you see in the city, and learn about what the fire department and the police do. Other educational games focus on numbers, maths, writing and topographical subjects.

There are different kinds of learning systems. One of the most popular brands is tiptoi. The interactive pen reads information out loud, thereby animating the child to keep interacting. For example, this teaches the little ones about all the countries in the world with the help of an interactive globe.

For older children, we have children's tablets and smart watches made by Kurio and Vtech. This makes entertainment on the road a breeze!

Our range is huge and includes anything from tiptoi to Bookii and Lexibook.

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